Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spring 2015 Enrollment Process Changes

Spring 2015 enrollment begins next week and there are some important changes in the registration process.   Here are the top three changes that will influence your enrollment experience.

  1. There will be no permission code survey - which means - the department will not be issuing permission codes for any core HS courses. 
  2. HS 158 will not be offered in the spring. Students who were planning on enrolling in this core course will be able to substitute this course for any upper division course on campus.  By next week,  I'll provide some ideas of courses that you might consider. 
  3. Just as a reminder - HS 159A and HS 159 B will not be offered Spring 2015, Fall 2015, or Spring 2016.   As a general rule, anyone who is graduating by Fall 2016 will be substituting HS 159 (for HS 159A) and HS 164 (for HS 159B). 
If you have advising questions - drop by MacQuarrie Hall room 409 Monday 11/3 or Wednesday 11/5 between 3-4 to check in with an advisor. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Advising Sessions at CASA Student Success Center

With Spring 2015 enrollment right around the corner, many students are inquiring about support for academic planning.    As you consider your courses, I have the following recommendations: 

  1. Review the Advising Forms  for your concentration (pathway through the HS major).  These forms are fillable PDF files so you can work on them on your electronic device.   
  2. Plan your courses working backwards from your expected graduation date.  In your final semester in the HS major you will take HS 165 and if you are in the Health Services Administration concentration you will also be enrolling in fieldwork - HS 166A and HS 166B. 
  3. All of our core Health Science courses are offered in both the Spring and Fall, but the Health Services Administration courses are not all offered in both semesters (noted on the advising forms). 
  4. Take HS 100W as soon as possible.
  5. Health Services Administration Concentration students will want to take HS 162 as soon as possible - HS 100W is a pre or co-requisite. 
  6. All core courses are restricted to declared Majors and Minors, with the exception of HS 135 which is open to all students because it is an upper division GE Area S course.    If you are not yet declared in the Major you need to apply.  We have an early admissions process happening right now - if you have completed at least 12 units of coursework on campus.  If you have not completed 12 units on campus - you can apply in January when you have finished your fall courses (check back). 
  7. Still have questions or want to talk about your schedule???? Attend an advising session at the CASA Student Success Center (MH 533) on the 2nd or 4th Monday of the month from 5-6:30 PM.   (Next session - October 27th)

New!! Early Application for Spring 2015 Change of Major

Students interested in the Health Science undergraduate program are 
invited to apply early for spring 2015 admissions.  

We will fill some spots now and the remaining spots in our January application process.  Students who have not yet completed 12 units of coursework at SJSU can apply for the spring 2015 semester in January.  So - check back then! 

Apply now!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Special reminder for all new SJSU students

This information is specific to all new students who started SJSU during this fall 2014 semester:  

If you are a new frosh or a new transfer student on campus for the first semester this fall, you must complete the Alcohol edu (90 minute) and Haven: Understanding Sexual Assault (45 minute) online trainings before you will be able to enroll in your spring courses.   All new students were sent a link with instructions on how to access these courses over the summer and your deadline to complete the trainings is quickly approaching.        

If you are a new student to SJSU and you have not yet completed these trainings - you have a hold on your account that will prevent your enrollment in spring courses.   I have been told that it is possible that this hold may take up to 2 weeks to lift once you have completed the training and priority registration is scheduled to begin the first week of November - so - it's time to get these two trainings completed!

If you have questions or need additional information:
  1. Copies of the original letters students received, including detailed directions, can be found at: http://www.sjsu.edu/wellness/
  2. Other questions can be sent to:  Haven@sjsu.edu or alcoholedu@sjsu.edu

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It is time to get your Graduation Application Submitted

If you are planning on graduating spring 2015 your graduation application is due!   The University deadline is November 1st and you need to first submit your application to the HS Office for review, approval, and processing before your forms will ready to submit to the University.  

To submit your application you will need to fill out the University Graduation Application and a Major Form for your declared major (Health Science with electives or a Minor, Health Science Health Services Concentration).    When your Major Form and Graduation Application are complete, please drop off your forms at the Health Science Office in MacQuarrie Hall room 407.

If you need help through this process you can ask the peer advisors (outside MH 407), come by during drop-in hours (Wednesdays 3-4 MH 409), or email the faculty advisor with your questions.