Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It is time to get your Graduation Application Submitted

If you are planning on graduating spring 2015 your graduation application is due!   The University deadline is November 1st and you need to first submit your application to the HS Office for review, approval, and processing before your forms will ready to submit to the University.  

To submit your application you will need to fill out the University Graduation Application and a Major Form for your declared major (Health Science with electives or a Minor, Health Science Health Services Concentration).    When your Major Form and Graduation Application are complete, please drop off your forms at the Health Science Office in MacQuarrie Hall room 407.

If you need help through this process you can ask the peer advisors (outside MH 407), come by during drop-in hours (Wednesdays 3-4 MH 409), or email the faculty advisor with your questions.  

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