Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SJSU Studies courses

University Standing
A student is in lower division standing when 59 or fewer units have been completed in all college coursework.  A student is in upper division standing when 60 or more units have been completed.

SJSU studies courses
Areas R, S, V, and Z are the upper division general education requirements for all SJSU students and require students be in upper division standing in order to enroll. SJSU Studies explained in the Catalog

Area Z - 100W

  • This course requires the passing of the WST and a minimum of 60 completed units in order to enroll through my.sjsu without further support or petitioning.   If a student wants to enroll in 100W while still in Lower Division standing (and has passed the WST), there is a petition to complete and deliver to the undergraduate studies office for consideration.  If approved, this form will be submitted to the registrar on the first day of the semester.   Once your petition has been received by the registrar's office you should be able to enroll in 100W with an add code from the instructor.  This work happens during the first week of the semester and Sophomores petitioning to take 100W have the lowest priority for enrollment.  With that said, many petitioning Sophomores are successful in finding a section that is open.  
Area R, S, V

  • Areas R, S, and V all require a pre (or) co-requisite of 100W to enroll.  
  • Area S - for HS majors - is satisfied through our curriculum and core major course (HS 135)
  • Areas R and V need to be taken in a department other than HS  

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Preparing for the Health Science Major

The Health Science Major is currently impacted, which means that students are admitted to the major by application only.  The admission process is based on GPA and it is quite competitive.  You can read the general process on the HS webpage - Health Science: Interested in the major

Students who are undeclared or wish to change to Health Science are encouraged to complete the Health Science Major Interest Form online and you will be notified when the next application cycle begins.

While you are still deliberating the Health Science Major I recommend that you review the different concentrations that are offered in the major, peruse the course requirements, and drop by the KIOSK outside the Health Science Office to pick up the advising forms for the concentration you are interested in.   You can also find a list of approved electives, available in the KIOSK.  While you are there - make the time to chat with a Peer Advisor about the major.   They make great informational interviews because they understand the course progression and the major from a student perspective!

To read about the different concentrations online you may want to check out the Health Science and Recreation website and you can find the detailed descriptions of course requirements and course descriptions in the SJSU Catalog.  

All of the above recommendations will help you learn more about the major, and when you still have questions, be on the look out for a group advising session.  The dates for fall group advising will be made available soon - so check back.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How can you get your advising questions answered?

If you have questions about your academic plan, graduation, or just general undergraduate advising, you are likely to answer your questions with a little extra effort on your part. Some of the resources I would recommend include:

  •  The SJSU Advising Hub is a great place to start. The Advising Hub has a lengthly list of published FAQ, links to forms, general information, transfer student information, and forms. 
  •  The Department Advising forms that are available in the KIOSK outside the Health Science Department in MacQuarrie Hall Room 407. The KIOSK contains a number of helpful advising forms for the Department and the University. Be sure to pick up the advising form that is specific to your selected concentration in Health Science. 
  •  Drop in for advising with the Health Science Peer Advisors. The peer advisors are all an excellent resource for live advising. They know our HS curriculum, they have experienced our courses first hand, and they want to help! You can find the Peer Advisors outside the HS office Monday through Thursdays generally between the hours of 11 and 4. Please consult the flyer for exact hours of availability. Attend a group advising session. 
  •  The University offers group advising sessions for various advising related tasks. The registrar's office is hosting graduation advising workshops for all students with more than 90 units. Visit the registrar's webpage for the dates of these workshops. 
  •  The Health Science Department Advising Team will be hosting some group sessions to be planned later this month - there will be another post soon announcing these dates! 
 If all of the above resources have not helped you answer your question, email me ( - because you have a great question and I would like to answer it here!