Friday, June 13, 2014

Summer Advising, Fall 2014 Department Reunion, and electronic communication

Summer Advising: 
The Health Science Advising Team and the Health Science Office have been receiving a high volume of emails this summer. As we work through these emails, please be patient and know that we are receiving your messages and we are working to address your questions.  

Department advising is available during the fall and spring semesters and on a limited basis throughout the summer. Please prioritize meeting with a Peer Advisor, GE Advisors, and (if needed) a department advisor during the semester. There will be advising opportunities available during the Department Reunion, which is scheduled for Thursday, August 21st from 10-2. We will send more information about this event when it gets closer, but for now, please save the date.

Summer advising is currently prioritized to respond to fall enrollment questions and concerns for current Health Science students and new Health Science students.   In most cases, academic planning can wait for the reunion in August, but over the summer this blog will be updated and additional resources for academic planning will be made available.  

Electronic Communication Recommendations and Expectations
Email is an important form of communication and can be a really effective way to get your questions answered.  In order for your questions to be answered in a timely and appropriate manner, please consider the following recommendations:

    1. Including URGENT!!! in the subject is not going to get your email answered any faster.   Everyone's email is important and emails will be responded to in the order in which they are received.   
    2. Emails should be written as if you are writing a letter.   Address the recipient by name (if known) and always include your own name.  
    3. When you are emailing with advising and/or course related questions, please include your student ID and be as detailed as possible with your question.   The information that is most helpful to include is:  your projected graduation date, the major courses you have completed, and your projected coursework.  
    4. It is not necessary to email everyone with your same question.   Please send your email to the person you think is most appropriate and wait... If you feel that you have sent your request to the wrong person you can try another, but it is not necessary to send your advising related questions to everyone in the Health Science department.   Advising related questions should be directed to the either the Health Science office or the department advisor.  
    5. Check the advising blog to be sure your question has not been answered here already.
    6. Plan to meet with a peer advisor and/or academic advisor during the regular semester. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enrollment Update

Here is the latest update on the department process for permission codes for core major courses.  
The department has sent out codes for HS 158, 159, and 166 A&B.   We will be working on and sending 104 by next week and 165 will be sent out this week.

If you have applied to the University for graduation for Fall 2014 you will be sent an add code to HS 165.

If you are graduating in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 - and you completed the enrollment survey - you were sent an add code for HS 159.  If you did not complete the survey, please complete the late enrollment survey (see link in previous post).   HS 159 has limited capacity and you are not guaranteed a spot in the course, regardless of your proposed graduation date.  We will prioritize students based on eligibility, graduation date, and date of survey completion.  It is not likely that you will receive a code in this course if you are graduating after spring 2015.   It is recommended that you look to other courses that you can take in the fall and enroll in 159 in the spring.  

If you are officially declared in Health Science and you meet the required pre-req's, you should not need add codes for the following courses:  103, 161, 167, 164, 135, 162, 170, 117, 174, 74, 25, 15, 1, 67.

If you were just recently accepted to Health Science in our change of major process, you will need assistance enrolling in Health Science courses that are restricted to HS majors because your paperwork will likely not be processed before your fall enrollment date.  If this is the case, please email the faculty advisor for assistance in accessing the permissions that you need.

If you believe you have not received a code - in error - please contact the HS department office.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fall 2014 Change of Major application Closes tomorrow - Friday June 6th at 11:59 PM

The deadline to apply the the Health Science Major for fall 2014 is tomorrow - Friday, June 6th at midnight.   If you are interested apply online now!

You will need your unofficial transcripts available to help you accurately complete the required questions about  GPA, units earned, and courses completed.

Fall enrollment add codes

Many HS students have questions about fall enrollment.  Two common questions are currently being asked:

The first is in regards to add codes:  The add codes are coming. We are working on determining eligibility and the department office should start sending codes out by early next week. No one has been issued codes, so the courses won't fill up.

The second is in regards to problems with enrollment. If you are experiencing enrollment problems, please complete this survey and notify the department.  We will review your situation and let you know how to proceed with fall registration.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fall 2014 Enrollment Update

Fall enrollment is now underway and many students are inquiring about permission codes for courses that require department consent.    So, here's an update of where we are in this process.

First, the courses that require department consent (which means you won't be able to enroll without a code that is issued by the Health Science office) include:

  • HS 104
  • HS 158
  • HS 159
  • HS 165
  • HS 166A/B
Second, we are working on the enrollment for these courses and we request your patience.    Until we release codes to priority students who are eligible for enrollment in these courses, no one is enrolling in them, so, they are not going to fill up.     

We will send codes for 158 first - these should go out soon (hopefully this week) and then we will send codes for 165 and 166A/B.   We are still reviewing the enrollment for both HS 159 and HS 104 and we will send codes to these courses as soon as possible.    

Once you receive your code - do not lose it and please use it.  If you are not going to use a code that you received, please notify the office so we can plan accordingly.  

If you have questions you can contact the department advisor through this blog or via the HS office.