Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Where are the online SOTES?

Online SOTES are due this Friday - December 9th.  If you do not complete your SOTES your grade availability will be delayed in my.sjsu.   This is of great importance to students who are applying for the HS major this spring as the grade release will come after the application is due.  

So, where do I go to complete the SOTES?

Logon to my.sjsu and follow the link on the home page in the left hand column (see screenshot example below).

Applying to HS and Spring Enrollment for Non-Majors

Many students who are planning on applying to the Health Science major for this upcoming Spring semester have asked for advice around applying to HS and enrollment for spring 2014.   Here is a summary of what I generally say... 

Health Science Spring 2014 application process summary for current SJSU students
  • Electronic application, available in the first week of January, due Fri. January 10th, 2014 
  • Link to application will be emailed to all students who have signed up with the Health Science Office (Online sign up form
  • Application will require *Name, Student ID, Current (fall13 included) Cumulative GPA, and HS Coursework completed 
    • You must complete your online course evaluations - SOTES - in order to get your fall 2013 grades on time to apply! View the SOTE Calendar or the Online SOTE FAQ page.
    • SOTES must be completed by Friday, December 9th, 2013.
  • New majors will be accepted solely on GPA. 
    • The minimum GPA to apply is 2.6
    • The recommended minimum is 3.0
  • Students who apply will be notified of the department's decision by January 15th 
  • Group Advising Sessions will be planned for all newly accepted majors on 
    Friday January 17th and Wednesday, January 22nd 

Things to consider about spring enrollment - if you're not in the HS major (yet) 
  • Know (or have an idea of) the concentration that you want to pursue
    • The General BS in Health Science includes the prep courses, the core major courses, and either electives or a minor (including Gerontology).  
      • You can pursue elective units or a minor without being in the HS major
  • If you have completed 60 units or more and you have passed the WST, you can come by the HS office and request permission to enroll in HS 100W - bring documentation of the above requirements.
  • If you have completed 60 units or more and you have passed or are taking 100W, you can also take HS 135 and it will satisfy SJSU Area S (and also a major course if you get into the HS major).   
  • If you have completed your lower division GE and you are still not at 60 units, consider adding a minor and pursuing the minor courses to get you closer to UD status. 
  • You are welcome to stop by the Health Science office (MH 407) and pick up an Advising Sheet or talk with the Peer Advisors about planning for HS, but many classes will not be available to you unless you are a major.