Thursday, August 25, 2016

Fall 2016 Health Science Undergraduate Advising Update

Health Science Advising
Fall 2016

Drop in advising with faculty and peer advisors will be available for students throughout the semester. You do not need to schedule an appointment for advising; all appointments will be first come first served. You can reach faculty advisors by email at and reach the peer advisors by email at

Faculty advising will begin Monday, August 29.
Peer advising will begin Tuesday, September 6.

The following are tasks that Peer Advisors can help with:
  • Course and schedule planning
  • Questions about the major or minor in health science
  • Questions about careers for health science majors
  • Help with locating and filling out forms
  • Advice on classes, instructors, etc.

Peer Advisors will be tabling in the hallway across from the HS Office, by SPX 201
Monday 9:30-12:00
Tuesday 9:30-5:00
Wednesday 10:00-12:00 & 3:00-5:00
Thursday 9:00-11:30 & 2:30-4:30

If you have any of the following requests, these can usually be handled through Document Review. Simply submit your completed paperwork to the Health Science Office in SPX 201 for review by an advisor.

Graduation Application (be sure to submit a completed Major Form and a copy of your unofficial transcript and either a completed graduation application or a note stating that you used the online application)
  • Graduation date change
  • Course drop
  • Substitutions 
  • Excess unit petition
  • Petition to take upper division courses while lower division standing
  • Change of major to add or remove the HSA concentration
  • Change of minor to add a minor in Health Professions or Health Science

The following are tasks that Faculty Advisors can help with:
  • Any of the forms noted above if you require help
  • Career advice or mentoring
  • Degree conferment problems

Faculty Advising will be available at these hours. Please check the sign on the HS Office for locations.
Monday 3-4
Tuesday 10-11 & 1:30-3:30
Wednesday 12-4
Thursday  10-11 & 1:30-3:30

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