Sunday, August 23, 2015

Are you ready to apply for graduation?

The University has recently issued some new guidelines for Graduation Applications - including deadlines.    If you think you're ready to graduate Spring 2016 or Fall 2016, please read on.  If you intend to graduate this Fall - you should have already applied (information on picking up your senior verification card can be found here) and if you're planning to graduate in 2017, you have some time.

Spring and Fall 2016 SJSU Graduates - here's what you need to do.

  1. Confirm that you are on track to graduate in either Spring or Fall 2016 and if you are ... 
  2. Log on to my.sjsu and go to your "academic requirements" page. From this page, confirm your declared major (top left) and confirm that you have met (or are on track to meet) your GE requirements.  For now, pay little attention to the information that is included on this page for the Health Science Major - it likely has errors. 
  3. Complete the University Graduation Application Form
  4. Complete the Health Science Undergraduate Major Form (Be sure the Major Form you complete matches your declared major on my.sjsu.)
  5. If you have questions about your forms, please see the appropriate HS advisor
  6. If you do not have questions, please submit your forms to the Health Science and Recreation Department office for advisor review
  7. Allow at least 2 weeks for the department to process your forms - so - if you want to apply for Spring 2016 you have to get your forms submitted to the department no later than 9/14/15. If you want two semesters of priority registration and you're planning a fall 2016 graduation, you need to submit your forms to the HSR department no later than 9/14/15. 

New University Deadlines

Map to New HSR Office Location 

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