Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fall 2014 Enrollment Update

Fall enrollment is now underway and many students are inquiring about permission codes for courses that require department consent.    So, here's an update of where we are in this process.

First, the courses that require department consent (which means you won't be able to enroll without a code that is issued by the Health Science office) include:

  • HS 104
  • HS 158
  • HS 159
  • HS 165
  • HS 166A/B
Second, we are working on the enrollment for these courses and we request your patience.    Until we release codes to priority students who are eligible for enrollment in these courses, no one is enrolling in them, so, they are not going to fill up.     

We will send codes for 158 first - these should go out soon (hopefully this week) and then we will send codes for 165 and 166A/B.   We are still reviewing the enrollment for both HS 159 and HS 104 and we will send codes to these courses as soon as possible.    

Once you receive your code - do not lose it and please use it.  If you are not going to use a code that you received, please notify the office so we can plan accordingly.  

If you have questions you can contact the department advisor through this blog or via the HS office.   

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