Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enrollment Update

Here is the latest update on the department process for permission codes for core major courses.  
The department has sent out codes for HS 158, 159, and 166 A&B.   We will be working on and sending 104 by next week and 165 will be sent out this week.

If you have applied to the University for graduation for Fall 2014 you will be sent an add code to HS 165.

If you are graduating in Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 - and you completed the enrollment survey - you were sent an add code for HS 159.  If you did not complete the survey, please complete the late enrollment survey (see link in previous post).   HS 159 has limited capacity and you are not guaranteed a spot in the course, regardless of your proposed graduation date.  We will prioritize students based on eligibility, graduation date, and date of survey completion.  It is not likely that you will receive a code in this course if you are graduating after spring 2015.   It is recommended that you look to other courses that you can take in the fall and enroll in 159 in the spring.  

If you are officially declared in Health Science and you meet the required pre-req's, you should not need add codes for the following courses:  103, 161, 167, 164, 135, 162, 170, 117, 174, 74, 25, 15, 1, 67.

If you were just recently accepted to Health Science in our change of major process, you will need assistance enrolling in Health Science courses that are restricted to HS majors because your paperwork will likely not be processed before your fall enrollment date.  If this is the case, please email the faculty advisor for assistance in accessing the permissions that you need.

If you believe you have not received a code - in error - please contact the HS department office.  

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