Sunday, November 24, 2013

Grades, SOTES, and change of major applicants

Last spring the University transitioned from paper based course evaluations to online evaluations and this fall, the online SOTES will continue.   The reason this is important information for an advising blog is because the release of Fall 2013 grades will be dependent on whether or not students complete SOTES on all fall classes by the December 9th deadline.  

Students who DO complete all course evaluations will be able to access grades on December 21st and students who do NOT complete all course evaluations will not be able to access grades until January 11.

This concern is particularly impactful to the folks who will be applying to the Health Science Major because fall 2013 grades are required for an accurate cumulative GPA.    

SOTES are available now through my.sjsu accounts and will remain available until December 9th.   Why Wait?

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