Friday, October 30, 2015

Spring 2016 Health Science Undergraduate Program registration information

As you prepare your schedule, here are a few important 
updates on our Spring 2016 Health Science courses: 

  1. HS 104.  If you are planning on enrolling in HS 104 in the spring, please read this announcement. You are going to be required to co-enroll in HS 184 to cover the service learning component of the course.  If HS 104 is still in your future, please read the full announcement.  
  2. HS 158.  This course is not in the schedule for the spring, but it will be offered in the fall and students who are not graduating in spring 2016 should plan on taking the course in Fall 2016 or after. 
  3. HS 159.  This is a Senior level course.  This course should not be taken if you have earned fewer than 90 units total.  
  4. HS 165.  This is a course for graduating seniors only.  Please do not enroll in this course if you are not graduating in Spring 2016. 
  5. HS 166A and 166B are the fieldwork/internship courses.  Although field work is not required of all HS majors we highly recommend these courses for all graduating seniors. Doing supervised field work through an internship is a great way to explore career opportunities and get a leg up on the job search.   For HS students not in the concentration, these courses are electives that are well worth your time and effort. In order to participate in the course, you must enroll enroll in both 166A and 166B.   

Other useful information about registration: 

  • If you are currently enrolled in a course that is a required pre-requisite for another course, you will not be able to enroll in the next course until Fall 2015 grades have been posted.  For example, if you are enrolled in HS 162 this semester, you cannot enroll in the spring '16 concentration courses until the end of December when grades for HS 162 are available and the system recognizes your course completion.   
  • If you are currently in lower division standing, but you will reach upper division standing (60 or more units) at the end of the semester, then you will not be able to enroll in courses that require UD standing until after grades for Fall have been posted.  
  • If you want to map out your academic plan, please download the advising worksheet for your declared major and follow the progression according to pre-requisites and semester availability. 
  • Peer Advisors are available to assist with your academic planning or course-related questions.  Please stop by and talk with them in the hallway by the HSR office in Spartan Complex (SPX 211).  

The petitions that might be needed are: 

  • Petition to enroll in SJSU Studies courses with fewer than 60 units earned.  This petition is for students who will still be in lower division standing (fewer than 60 units) after fall 2015.  The petition should be completed by the student and submitted the HSR department for review and approval.  Following department approval, the form is sent to Undergraduate Studies.   Approved petitions will allow course enrollment in the upper division GE courses (Area R, S, V, or Z) on the first day of classes in January.   
  • Excess units petition for graduating seniors will be available from the Registrar forms webpage beginning January 11, 2016.   This petition is for seniors who want to enroll in more than 18 units. 
  • Petition to repeat a course more than twice. This petition is for students who have to re-take a course for the third time (or more).  

What if you have an enrollment problem or question?  

  • If you have trouble enrolling in a course, please read the error message.  The message will explain why you cannot enroll.  If you feel that the error message is incorrect, please let us know your question or problem by submitting your request on this online form.    
  • If you contact a Faculty Advisor or the HSR Department staff directly with your questions or concerns please know that we receive a very high volume of emails during registration period. We will respond to your concern as soon as we can, but we have many requests and it may take a couple days.   It is helpful for us to know the details of your situation, so, please include your name, the number of units you have completed, confirmation that you have successfully completed the required pre-requisites, and of course - the nature of your enrollment problem. 
  • Please do not send the same message to multiple advisors and the staff - one email will suffice and the form is recommended.  We will address concerns and questions that are submitted via the form first.  

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