Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Make sure you DO your course evaluations

Course evaluations are online through my.sjsu and you have until tomorrow (Wednesday 12/10) to complete these for all of your fall courses.    The evaluations are really helpful for your instructors and they give everyone an opportunity to reflect on what is working well in a course and what might need to be changed in the future.  Please take the time to share meaningful and productive feedback so that faculty and departments can provide students with consistent high quality educational experiences.   Evaluation results are completely anonymous, so please provide an honest reflection of your experience in the course.    Once you are in the system, you will have an option to opt out of the survey if you choose not to evaluate a course or instructor, but I encourage you to offer important feedback.

If you do not complete all of your evaluations (or opt out of them) you will not be able to access your grades in your current fall courses until well into January of 2015.  This is particularly important for students who are wanting to apply to Health Science in the change of major process because we need your fall grades included in this application.  

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