Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Online SOTES Spring 2014

It is time for online SOTES again.  SOTES are the University survey inviting you to evaluate your courses and instructors.  This feedback is very important... Please complete the SOTES for all courses that you are enrolled in before the May 14th deadline.  The consequences for not completing SOTES will be a delay in the release of your Spring 2014 grades.    

- Students who complete ALL evaluations may access grades Wednesday, May 28.
- Students who DO NOT complete ALL evaluations get access on Wednesday, June 18.

If you are going to be applying to change your major to HS - it is absolutely imperative that you complete your online SOTES.  Our application process will consider your spring 2014 grades and you will not be able to apply if you do not have access to a GPA that includes spring grades.  

You can access your SOTES through my.sjsu (see prior post for visual).

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