University Forms

Change of Major Forms
  • If you change your declared major (even a different concentration), you need to complete the correct change of major form. 
  • Forms are available for students who have completed more than 90 units and fewer than 90 units
Graduation Application
  • The University will accept your graduation application when you have two semesters remaining in your studies.    
  • It is recommended that you drop off your forms to the HSR department (SPX 210) at least 3 weeks prior to the University deadlines. 
  • Click here to download the University graduation application 

Substitution Form
  • Once you have applied for graduation if you make any changes to the courses that were designated on your Major Form then you need to complete a substitution form.  
  • Substitution forms are not needed unless you have already applied for graduation. 
  • Click here to download the substitution form 
Graduation Date Change form 
  • If you apply for graduation and you need to postpone, you will will have to submit an approved date change form and $10 to the bursar's office.   
  • Click here to download the graduation date change form
Petition to enroll in SJSU Studies while still in lower division standing
  • Students who have earned fewer than 60 units are prevented from enrolling in the SJSU Area Studies courses - Upper division GE - Area R, S, V, and Z. 
  • If students are close to 60 units earned and are ready for these courses (completed all other lower division GE and passed the WST) there is a petition that is required.   The petition must be approved and signed first by the department and then the forms are approved by Undergraduate Studies.  UGS will not approve the forms until just prior to the start of the semester and once the semester begins, approved students will be able to enroll in the Area Studies courses.  
  • Click here to download the petition to enroll in SJSU studies while LD in standing
Excess Units Petition
  • Students who want to take units that exceed the maximum enrollment must complete and submit an excess unit petition. 
  • Graduating seniors are eligible to enroll in up to 18 units without completing the petition. 
  • Students who are not graduating seniors will require this petition to enroll in more than 16 units.  
  • Click here to download the excess units petition for Fall 2015
Additional Forms online 
  • All online University forms can be found either through the registrar formsAARS (Academic Advising and Retention Services), or UGS (Undergraduate Studies).   

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