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  • If you plan to take HS 104 in Fall 2016 or later:
    • Beginning formally in Fall 2016, students taking HS 104 will be required to co-enroll in a new 3-unit course, HS 114: Applications in Community Health Promotion. Taking HS 104 and HS 114 together will give students the classroom community health promotion experience (in HS 104) together with the service-learning experience (in HS 114) in one semester. HS 104 has always required students to participate in service learning, but now students will be receiving additional credit for the service-learning component of the course.
    • HS 114 does not have a specific time associated with it as it is the service learning component of HS 104. Activities associated with HS 114 will happen at various times and dates throughout the semester.
    • You will need to register for HS 104 and HS 114 together.
  • If you completed HS 104 in Spring 2016, you will substitute HS 184 with HS 114
  • If you completed HS 104 in Fall 2015 or earlier, then you will need to substitute any department (HS or RECL) upper division course for HS 114.


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